What is L’espieAgle

The Japanese Golden Eagle

The number of species that are on the verge of extinction in Japan is actually not small.

One in danger is the Japanese Golden Eagle. No more than 300 birds exist today; their numbers being reduced by loss of habitats from environmental destruction, death due to food shortage and decreasing egg-laying rates.

LespieAgle is now offering a way to interact with a real Golden Eagle. With as much as a 2 meters wingspan, large eyes to capture far away prey, and its most distinguishing feature; the large and strong talons, the Golden Eagle has a surprisingly powerful presence.

Why the solitary Golden Eagle could be on the verge of extinction in Japan, exploring related problems and the Golden Eagle's protection are some things we are focusing on.

Lost pets

There are a few shelters for dogs and cats in Japan, but not many for birds, reptiles and small animals like ferrets. Our goal is to rescue lost or abandoned pets, whose are in police custody. Every year, about 1000 pets are incarcerated and they are left alone with an uncertain fate.

An abandoned pet would really miss and try to find his owner, always believing they will be reunited and share love and affection. These animals desperately need your love after being abandoned, so we have made it our mission to rescue them.

Currently we don't have a shelter and cannot build one at this time. But if you can offer your support, we will be able to build a home for lost and abandoned pets where they can feel loved and comfortable.

L’espieAgle is a non-profit organization founded in April of 2013. [L’espiegle] means“curious”in French and we put“A”in the word so that you can see [eagle] in our foundation name. Eagles are very curious and always want to play. We will also look forward to sheltering reptiles like the Monitor Lizard. They are actually really pure and smart animals. We hope that you choose to be a part of our cause and we are grateful for your support!